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Achieve Your Goals

Whether you are a parent looking for a great activity for your kids, or looking for something to get you in shape while learning effective self-defense, our classes are specifically designed to meet your needs! In our classes you will get the very best training using the most advanced training techniques, all while having a great time in a fun, dynamic environment. We offer classes for Beginner as well as advanced students, and have training programs for children and adults from age 4 and up!

Little Lions

The Little Lions program introduces our youngest students (ages 4-6) to the fundamentals of the Martial Arts. We use proven child education techniques combined with a fun, games based curriculum to teach our students basic punches, blocks, kicks, stances, and other items essential for future Martial Arts success. In addition, we teach our Little Lions important social skills such as situational awareness, anti-bullying tactics, and how to avoid confrontations. Our students will get to participate in fun games and activities that will get them moving and learning at the same time. Kids love it!

What You’ll Learn

Youth Martial Arts

Our youth martial arts program is designed to give children ages 7-12 the tools they need to help them navigate their world. We combine the fighting techniques of Tae Kwon Do. Karate, Boxing, Muay Thai, grappling, and weapons in a fun, welcoming learning environment, one where students are free to express themselves and have fun while learning effective self-defense. Our students will build confidence and self-esteem while learning to avoid conflict, manage stress, enhance focus, and be their very best at everything they do!

What You’ll Learn

Teen and Adult Martial Arts

Adults and teens can benefit greatly from the study of martial arts! For teens, martial arts can improve physical and emotional well being by cultivating confidence, self-esteem, focus, control, perseverance, and physical and mental skills. Teens who study martial arts are better equipped to handle the challenges associated with growing into adulthood. For adults, martial arts presents an opportunity to get in shape, sharpen focus and mental acuity, or simply provide an avenue for fellowship or to start a new hobby, as well as learn effective self-defense techniques!

What You’ll Learn

Combat Kickboxing

Looking for a great workout while learning self-defense? Then our Combat Kickboxing class is for you! The program combines boxing, Muay Thai, and tactical strength and conditioning principles, giving you a great workout while teaching highly effective fighting techniques. Students will focus on footwork, striking, defense, grappling and counter/grappling, and self-defense techniques, along with exercises and drills that will build strength, enhance cardiovascular endurance, and improve combat mobility and function. This class is open to students ages 13 and up.